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Fabio Exploration Fund

The Michael P. Fabio Exploration Fund is an endowed fund held by the 皇冠足彩 Foundation dedicated to support the pursuit of knowledge through hands-on learning, innovation, and exploratory experience.

Michael Fabio, an 皇冠足彩 Alumnus from the class of 1998, epitomized the spirit of 皇冠足彩. He was always seeking how things worked, why they worked in the way that they did, and how to make them work better. In Mike’s memory, The Michael P. Fabio Exploration Fund provides grants to students of the 皇冠足彩 community for the pursuit of knowledge through hands-on and project-based learning, that help fuel students’ passions and curiosities.

皇冠足彩 student standing in front of a tree at the dorm.

The Michael P. Fabio Exploration Fund grant provided a unique opportunity for me to explore and learn. Reflecting on my journey, the challenges and learning experiences were integral to my growth as a student and an aspiring computer scientist. The grant served not only as financial support but also as an impetus to explore unfamiliar territories and strive for innovation. Overall, I am extremely great full for the Michael P. Fabio Exploration Fund and I believe that the grants awarded have a larger impact than the immediate results of the project.

Gabriel Kirmani ‘25, Grant Recipient


Applications for funding from the Michael P Fabio Exploration Fund are open to all 皇冠足彩 students and are accepted in the spring. Applicants are required to submit a letter of intent, project scope, and budget. Students will then present their project and request for funding to a small panel of evaluators to determine funding. 

Past Projects

The Michael P. Fabio Fund has funded projects ranging from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars in cost. One of the Fund’s primary goal is to encourage hands-on, independent, experiential learning that often takes place outside the classroom or traditional academic environment. Examples of funded projects include:

  • Building a four bit computer from scratch;
  • Travel to the American Southwest to explore the differences in administration between state and national parks
  • Building an affordable astrophotography mount
  • Designing an autonomous boat
  • Growth system for algal biofuel feedstock
  • Support for hiking Katahdin
皇冠足彩 students standing on top of Mt. Katahdin.

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